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Very few people go through life without experiencing some type of legal matter that requires an experienced attorney. Whether it is marital advice, business bankruptcies or needing a defense against criminal charges, having an expert San Diego attorney available helps ease your mind that you are getting the best representation that can be found in the state of California.
Victor Orsatti has handled thousands of cases over the decades of practicing law. Studying the San Diego court system and processes, Attorney Victor Orsatti has developed the knowledge and experience to make the law work in his client's favor, getting the best results based on the particular legal case or criminal matter.

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One of the top reasons people lose their legal cases is because they simply don't have the knowledge of how the law process works. They may sign documents that give away their legal rights to a fair hearing, or don't know that they have a limited time to request a fair hearing for their case to be heard in a court of law. San Diego Criminal Lawyer Victor Orsatti develops strong working relationships with his clients built on trust. Examining every aspect of your legal situation, we will develop the best strategy to win your case.

We work with all types of clients regarding their legal issues and offers many legal services in San Diego:

Criminal Defense Charges
Drunk Driving-DUI
Family Law
• Domestic Violence
• Theft Crimes
• Sex Crimes
Juvenile Defense Cases
• Violent Crimes
• Probation Violations
• Bails & Releases

Never let your rights be taken away. Let The Law Offices of Victor Orsatti represent you and protect your legal rights so you are happy with the results of your case. You don't have to tackle the legal process or the court procedures alone. San Diego Attorney Victor Orsatti will protect your best interests in any court or legal setting so you win your case. Be represented by the best.

Experienced San Diego Attorney Victor Orsatti Aggressively Fights Criminal Cases

San Diego Attorney Victor Orsatti has seen other attorneys simply walk into court and accept whatever charges were thrown at their clients. That is not how the criminal defense process works in his office. Attorney Victor Orsatti will aggressively fight against the criminal charges pressed against you so the outcome works in your favor. By analyzing your particular case and developing the best defense possible, San Diego Attorney Victor Orsatti will use the court system to get you the most favorable results.

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We can only fight for your rights when you contact us about your case. The quicker you do so, the faster we can examine your case, gather evidence and help you win. Give us a call today for a consultation about your legal matter. We will give you the best advice on how to proceed and how we will represent you through the entire legal process from start to finish.