San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Victor Orsatti

criminal-defense-lawery-san-diego-ca“Get The Client Excellent Results And Give The Client Outstanding Customer Service.”

San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Victor Orsatti has lived by the following philosophy for the several decades that he has practiced criminal defense and handled DUI cases. He first began his road to become a criminal defense lawyer in 1982 by attending the University of Southern California where he obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Arts & Sciences. Through this education, he honed his communication skills that has allowed him to speak passionately about his clients during mediations and cases in criminal trials to sway the judgments to his client’s favor.

In 1985, Victor Orsatti was a graduate cum laude from the J.D. Loyola Law School. There, he gained extensive experience about the judicial court system as he used this knowledge to propel him forward as a top-tier criminal defense attorney and DUI lawyer in San Diego. He has extensively used the legal system to create the appropriate defenses to help win cases.

As a member of numerous bar associations and DUI lawyer associations, Criminal Defense Attorney Victor Orsatti has proven time and again why the people of San Diego should choose him as a lawyer to protect their legal rights. Whether a person has been charged with a misdemeanor or a felony charge, Attorney Victor Orsatti will fully review their case, offer the best advice on how to proceed with their charges, and develop a solid defense that will gain the best results so his clients will be happy.

Attorney Victor Orsatti has also successfully defended DUI cases. Whether it is the first offense or second DUI offense, he will examine each case based on the circumstances of the arrest and use his legal knowledge to have the charges dismissed or reduce the severity of the judgments so his clients don’t have to face large fines or jail time.

When you are looking for the criminal defense lawyer or DUI lawyer who will give you a successful case by giving you outstanding client legal services, San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer Victor Orsatti will exceed all expectations. He will aggressively and passionately use his legal knowledge and experience to your benefit. Once you have worked with him, you will understand why he has earned such high loyalty and respect from his peers and colleagues in the legal profession.